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Cube Numbers

Properties of Cube Numbers

Before you read What is a perfect cube, you are advised to read:

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When a Natural Number X can be expressed as Y3 (here Y is also a Natural Number), then the Natural Number X is referred to as Cube Number of Natural Number Y.

e.g. 125 can be expressed as 53
In this example:
125 is a Natural Number X
5 is a Natural Number Y
125 = Y3
Therefore, 125 is referred to as cube number of natural number 5

Or we can also say that:
When a natural number is multiplied thrice by itself, the resultant number is known as cube of the given natural number
e.g. 9 when multiplied thrice by itself, we get:
9 X 9 X 9 = 729
Therefore, 929 is a cube of 9

Study the following table

Natural Number Cube Number
2 8
3 27
4 64
5 125
6 216

First Column represents Natural Number and Second column represents cube numbers of respective Natural Numbers
Natural Numbers 8, 27, 64, 125 and 216 all are examples of cube numbers.
Cube Numbers are also known as Perfect Cubes