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Decimal Point Place Value of digits in decimals Expanded Form of Decimal Read Decimals Decimal Places Decimal to Fraction Decimal to Mixed Fraction Decimal to Lowest Fractional form Decimal into Percentage Like Decimals Unlike Decimals Difference Like & Unlike Decimals Comparing or Ordering Decimals Ascending Order of Decimals Descending Order of Decimals Multiplication of Decimals Division of Decimals

Definition: Decimals, also known as Decimal Fractions, are the one in which Fractional Part and Whole Number Part are separated by a DOT.

4.25, 989.101, 8873.9, 345.12 all are the examples of a Decimal.

Following are the some topics related to Decimals.

  • Decimal Point
  • Place Values of Digits in Decimals
  • Expanded Form of Decimals
  • Read Decimals
  • Decimal Places
  • Convert Decimal to Fraction
  • Convert Decimal to Mixed Fraction
  • Convert Decimal to Lowest Fractional Form
  • What are Like Decimals
  • What are Unlike Decimals
  • Distinguish between Like and Unlike Decimals
  • How to Compare Decimals
  • How to arrange decimals in Ascending Order
  • How to arrange decimals in Descending Order
  • Multiplication of Decimals
  • Division of Decimals

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