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Four Sided Polygon - Quadrilateral

Angle sum property of Quadrilateral Construction of Quadrilateral (compass)

Before you study about what is a Quadrilateral you are advised to read

What is a Polygon ?

"Quad" means Four, so a polygon which have 4 Angles, 4 Sides and 4 Vertices is known as Quadrilateral.

In the Above diagram :-
Quadrilateral ABCD has
4 Sides
- AB, BC, CD and DA
4 Angles - ABC, BCD, CDA and DAB
4 Vertices - A, B, C and D

In the Above diagram :-
Quadrilateral PQRS has
4 Sides
- PQ, QR, RS and SP
4 Angles - PQR, QRS, RSP and SPQ
4 Vertices - P, Q, R and S