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Define Number line

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Draw a line of any convenient length and mark the start of line (left side) as 0 (zero). Now mark another point of any convenient length to the right of previous point "0" and label it as "1".

The distance/length between these two points i.e. "0" and "1" is referred to a one unit distance.

Now mark another point to the right of point "1" at one unit distance and label it as "2". Follow the same procedure till numbers 10 and you will get a number line as shown in following figure :-

The above number line represents "Number line of Whole Numbers"

Few other observations:

1. On this number line the distance between points 0 and 2 is equals to distance between points 8 and 10 i.e. 2 units. Similarly, for your practice you can find many more such points.

2. Point 10 is on the right of 8, Points 2 is on the right of 0, point 4 is on the right of 1 and we know that 10 > 8, 2 > 0, 4 > 1. With this observation we can say that on "Number line of Whole Numbers" the number on the right of any number is always greater than it.

3. And similarly the number on the left of any number is always smaller than it.